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IMG_5444 (by Azhure*)

Liam with Chris.

And a bonus, just because this nappy is super cute.

IMG_5436 (by Azhure*)

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IMG_5159 (by Azhure*)

Liam and his cousin Maddie, older by 4 weeks.  I don’t know who’s the least impressed.

IMG_5130 (by Azhure*)

Bonus photo!  Liam and Jilly, his guardian :)

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Cookie slab (by Azhure*)

Yeah, I should make smaller cookies next time, maybe ;)

In other news, I watched Ink today and promptly ordered it on Blu-Ray.  You should hunt it down and watch it.  Seriously.

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This is what my life has expanded to include: an obsession with cloth nappies.

The left hand side contains all-in-ones and -twos as well as pocket nappies, mostly from Itti Bitti, Baby Beehinds and Green Kids. There should be some fitted nappies in there as well, but they’re currently in the nappy bucket. On the right hand side, liners and boosters in the back and covers in the front (mostly Thirsties).

There’s another drawer below this one which holds prefolds. And more nappies in another drawer which are currently too big for him (I’m stocking up on bigger sizes when I find good specials).


Despite the fact that Liam’s been sleeping on and off all afternoon (he’s pretty much been awake for an hour then sleeping for an hour, rinse and repeat), and I’ve had time to get some work done, I haven’t done any writing. I have managed some reading, which is something. And I did contemplate some of my characters, which is also something. I may do some work on my character outlines if Liam stays asleep for a little while longer.

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Photos for yesterday and today.


We took Liam to Little Creatures for the first time yesterday. ‘Twas a lovely day, if a bit warm. Liam was pretty well behaved and slept in his pram for part of the time.


This is the state of my reading pile that lives on my bedside table. The fiction books aren’t getting much of a look in at the moment.

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Belated post for yesterday.


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Jilly snoozing

365 days of photos: day 1.


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