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I expect that you’re all heartily tired of me posting about Nanowrimo by now.  If so, feel free to skip this post.

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing in general as well about Nanowrimo.  And I think that the issues I’ve been having with Nano have nothing to do with Nano at all.

I truly do enjoy doing Nano.  I like being part of a group all striving towards the same goal.  I like the competition.  I like being “given” the freedom to just churn out words without editing, to be able to explore new words without overthinking everything.  I think Nano is an awesome thing, and I admire everyone who has a go at it, whether they make 50k or not.  You’re all awesome, whether you’re an established writer who’s churning out a draft or if you just want to play in the word mines for the first time and see if you *can* do it.

In retrospect, Nano couldn’t have come at a worse time for me.  Not only do I have baby brain and late-pregnancy exhaustion, I’ve also had workmen in the house for most of this week.  Plus I only finished a draft of another novel last week – something that always requires some time in between just refilling the well before I can tackle another big project.

So.  The plan is to take a step back into another mode of writing.  To refill the well by reading a lot, to do some planning and outlining of Never (I’m seriously contemplating writing a full outline and synopsis this time, just because it’s something that I haven’t done before and I’m curious to see if the process works for me).  I may still do some writing, and I will very possibly do a good deal of posting about writing process.  I just want to take it as it comes for a little while and stop stressing myself out about it all.

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Nanowrimo total, as of yesterday: just a smidge over 9,000 words.

It’s humid today, which seems to be the weather pattern that really kicks my butt at the moment.  As a result, I’m finding it very difficult to actually focus on getting any writing done.

I’m also beginning to think that Nanowrimo is a goal that’s not going to be met for me this year.  It’s not even a matter of whether I can get 50k written in a month.  Hell, I could sit down and spend a couple of solid days just churning out rubbish to make word count.

The thing is that I don’t want to churn out rubbish.  I’m enjoying exploring a new fictional world, but it feels like I haven’t developed enough of the world itself to be able to write anything that’s going to be of any use.  I just don’t see the point in churning out words that I’m going to toss in a few month’s time.

And yes, I’m aware that this is the same discussion I’ve been having with myself about whether to do Nanowrimo or not in the first place.  I think it can be a very fine thing – it’s a good way to generate a zero draft of part of a novel.  It’s a good way to just play with words, to see if you can write 50k words in a month.  I’ve “won” it twice before, so I know I can do that.

But is doing it just because I can a good enough reason?  Yes, I want to write this draft, but I also want it to be a useful draft.

I might keep on pushing forward.  This might just have to be a lost day of writing.

But I might just pull back a little, spend some more time working on building the foundation of this novel.

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Nanowrimo progress: 5521 / 50,000 words

Good writing day today, thanks mostly to being stuck in the house for most of the day supervising ceiling repairs.  Said repairs are making me very happy to see them getting done.  Having the ceiling cave in isn’t high on my list of things to live through.

I also received my copy of Booklife today, and have dipped into its pages already.  I’ll likely post about it in detail at some stage, but I’m really enjoying it so far.  I’m a fan in general of reading books about writing (and listening to podcasts about writing and reading blogs about writing…and you get the point).  I like saturating my life with books and with Story.  As we all know, writing is a solitary occupation most of the time, and reading about other people’s experiences makes it feel less solitary.

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Words: 2,327 / 50,000

Technically I’ve started Nanowrimo.  I’m just going to take things as they come – not really aiming to “win”, but just trying to have some fun with playing around with a first draft again.  It’s a bit weird to be drafting something again, rather than working on edits, but it’s fun to be working in a new world.

I’m also working on a higher level of my own personal writing curve in Never.  I have two POV characters and need to work out how to mesh their two storylines together properly.  I’m also setting the book firmly in real places (Fremantle, WA and London) whereas I’ve usually copped out in the past and set books in fictional cities.

Still loving the MacBook, too.  And Scrivener is so far proving to be awesome.  I’m using the Nanowrimo trial version right now, but I’m already certain that I’ll be buying a licence.  It’ll be a bonus if I can hit 50k within the month and manage to get the 50% discount for Nanowrimo winners.

I don’t know if I’ll be updating every day with progress on the novel.  It depends on how much mental energy I have, plus I know that blogs are getting pretty saturated with Nanowrimo word counts right now.  I should be updating my word count over at the Nanowrimo site, though, so feel free to add me as a buddy if you want (username Azhurean).

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Nov. 1st, 2009 06:23 pm
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Nanowrimo officially started today (and half of you reading this reply with a resounding “duh”).

I’m still not really sure if I’m going to shoot for the 50k “win” or not, but as things stand, I’m going to have a play around with Never and see how the brainmeats comply.  So I guess you could say that I’m doing Nanowrimo, if only in a half-arsed manner ;)

Plus it gives me a good reason to justify owning the new MacBook and to play around with Scrivener.  And if I do make the 50k, then I get to buy Scrivener at 50% off.  Bonus.  I’ll be stuck inside the house for a good chunk of this week anyway, since we have guys coming out to fix the ceilings, so I might as well be doing something useful.

Have I talked myself into it yet? ;)

And that said, I haven’t done any actual writing today.  Nor do I probably plan on doing a lot of writing on weekends.  I like having my weekend break.  I have, however, played with Scrivener, finished setting up the MacBook properly, and put together a few templates of things like character sheets.

Now I just need to start doing the actual work.  I’m not planning on outlining or doing any more prep work than writing up said character sheets.  At this stage, I’m exploring a new world, which I always do best by pantsing.

And on a semi-related note, damn it’s nice to have an actual light and portable laptop again.  I am most pleased with the decision to go Mac (though I’ll never replace my PC as a desktop machine), even though it’s going to take me a little time to adjust to everything.

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