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Writing shrine

New grotto/shrine for Thoth from The Fable Tribe.

I’ve kind of fallen off the bandwagon of the photo-a-day thing for this year.  I always like the idea of doing it, and take photos happily for a few weeks and then end up just standing and staring at the same things in the house, thinking that they’re boring.

I think it mostly just reflects how much of a hermit I am, really.  I will keep on taking occasional photos, I think, but not hold myself to taking one every day.

It’s been an interesting last few weeks.  Went through some medical testing last week (which has, pending some other tests, revealed nothing dire, which is something).  I have my first chest infection of the year right now, which is just *awesome*.  I’m hoping that it’ll pass quickly, but possibly not, since I’m immunosuppressed right now, and will probably need antibiotics.  Autoimmune diseases suck.

I have been writing, and holding to achieving 10,000 words per week.  Still working on Shaede, and feeling really happy with it.  I think it may end up being a bit longer than I’d planned, but we’ll see.  I am going to need to hunt up some new beta readers once this draft is done, I think, since everyone who’s betaed for me in the past is probably sick of reading this one (though you’re all welcome to beta again if you like!).

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The first photo taken with my new camera, a Canon EOS600D

It’s been a rough week about these parts.  I’ve been sick.  The kidlet has been sick.  Thankfully it’s only a mild cold, but it’s been enough to disrupt his sleep (and therefore mine) and generally make me feel off enough that accomplishing anything that requires a brain has been difficult.

The result is that I haven’t done much work on anything – writing, reading, website.  But I’ve actually had enough energy (thanks to prednisolone agitation) to get some things done around the house.  We got some new furniture delivered this week: a new wall unit/display cabinet for the lounge room and DVD storage shelves, which both got filled.  DVD organisation proper is still to come, though (see lack of brain).

I also got a new toy in the mail yesterday – a new camera!  I’ve been using and loving my Canon EOS400D for a few years, and have gotten enough interest in photography where an upgrade was worth it.  I toyed with the idea of going for a higher end model, but for what I need, the EOS600D is perfect.  Down the track, I may invest in some better glass, but having the ability to video on the DSLR as well as the flip out screen (which I love from my old Canon point and shoot) is awesome.  You can see the inaugural photo above, with the kidlet being suitable photogenic ;)

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Today, for the first time in a long time, I wrote.  1,200 words, and they were easy and they are good.  And lo, I am happy.

I’ve lost pretty much a solid month to this awful flu, and the fatigue aftermath.  Last week, the flu itself was mostly passed, but I was hit with bone-crushing fatigue.  Which meant that pretty much everything stopped.  On the worst days, I couldn’t read or focus on anything for more than five minutes.  True lost days.

Somewhere in there, ideas for Bone Girls started to come together.  I’m not certain of the story, but the general shape of its protagonist is starting to emerge.  Ideally, I’d like to have an outline put together by the time I finish this draft of Never, so I can go onto working on the first draft.  Yes, I appear to have become an outline writer.

We finally managed writer’s group this weekend (it had been delayed twice because I had been sick).  It was still hard, because I was one with the fatigue and fever (and spent part of the evening lying on the floor because of it).  I didn’t get much actual writing done, but just being with the other writers is something that feed my soul.  I have wanted a good writing group for so long, and I feel so damn blessed to know these people.  We’re all very different writers with different methods and inspiration, but they all feed me, and they’re all so damn talented with what they do.

Today I am tired, but it’s mostly lack-of-sleep-tired, not bone-crushing fatigue (and yes, they are two different things, and anyone who’s dealt with a fatiguing illness will know the difference).  Despite the sleepiness, I managed to clean the house, deal with laundry (and jag getting it all dry around rain), cuddle the kidlet a lot, nap while he did and begin the process of catching up on everything that I’ve put off for the last month.  I have a lot of Aurealis reading to do, for one thing, which means that a few other things (like my Her Worlds and Words project) are going to get put on the backburner for a while.

It is good to be writing again, oh yes.

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I haven’t blogged anything substantial here for a while, which I regret.

Energy has been limited, mostly because I’ve been sick.  One cold after another for the last few months, which has left me feeling totally wrung out.  I have a massive amount of enthusiasm for the projects I’m working on, but very little real focus and energy for getting them done, which is driving me crazy.

I do want to get back into blogging regularly here, and hopefully once I kick this damn cold, I’ll get a period of relative health and will have the energy to.

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I’ve been sick.

Not deathly sick, but sick enough.  At this stage, I’m thinking it’s the flu, and not just a cold.  With bonus secondary infections in my lungs and sinuses, which are now being bombarded with antibiotics.

As a result, I haven’t written in a week and a half.  For most of the last week I’ve barely been able to read, either.  This week has been especially hard, because I have story clamouring to be born, and I’m unable to find the focus to actually sit down and do it justice.

I do want to get back into a daily blog habit, as well as actually commenting on blogs that I read.  I don’t know if I’m actually going to be writing at all this week.  Realistically, I should give myself a couple more days to convalesce.  I hate it, though.  Hate feeling like I’m wasting time.

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