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Eee I won a Tin Duck (the WA SF awards) for my work reviewing for ASiF!

Congrats to all the other winners, and thank you to everyone who nominated and voted!

(I will update with a full list of award winners when I find one).

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Loot! Everything but the bottom three books from the con bag.

This morning I woke up to see the Hugo nominations have been announced.  I am full of fangirl squee to see so many awesome people and books and publications on there.  So happy to see awesome podcasts like Galactic Suburbia and SF Squeecast, and Cat Valente and Among Others and Mur Lafferty and and and!

And I have promptly gone and bought myself a supporting membership so I can vote :)

And in even more squee, I went to Swancon yesterday!  And for once didn’t come away with a ridiculous amount of books.  I did splurge a little and buy the limited hardcover of Kim Wilkins’ The Infernal from Ticonderoga, as well as Damnation and Dames, which was the one book I’d gone intending to buy.  I also indulged in buying some books for other people, including completing a friend’s set of Tansy Rayner Roberts’ Creature Court trilogy and buying another friend Joanne Anderton’s Debris.  I so love buying books for other people, especially when I know they’re in situations where they can’t indulge.

(And in an interlude of cute, the husband just opened his collection of Dr Who minifigs for the two-year old to see, and the kidlet is now playing with the ninth doctor and eleventh doctor.  We start them young here.)

Swancon was awesome, mostly because the wonderful Ju introduced me around a lot.  I got to have an awesome chat with Marianne de Pierres, who is just amazing and wonderful.  And I managed to attend only one panel, and only because I was on it ;)  And it was tremendous fun, and I kind of want to do more panels now.

I will likely try to make some more coherent blog posts this week, but I am proud of myself for going, since social anxiety has kept me away from things like this for so long.  And though I am tired and sore and need some serious introvert recharging time, I am very, very glad that I went.

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Because a few people asked/commented yesterday, and I feel it necessary to point out the awesomeness of friends.

The necklace I was wearing yesterday was made by Christina at Sihaya Designs.

The Scribe

(example of one of the Scribe pendants)

Chris will custom make these (depending on availability of components) in different colours and on chain or a ribbon, so if you want one, send her a convo at Etsy.  Her prices are amazingly reasonable, too, and she is just an amazing artist.  Check out her labradorite pieces, they are truly amazing.

And my earrings, if anyone was keen on getting a pair, are 12g Goddesses by Little Seven.  Slightly more expensive, and you’ll have to stretch your piercings a little if you only have standard lobe piercings, but it’s totally worth it.  I keep my first lobe piercings at 12g solely so I can wear these and my Little Seven Nines.

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All of the bottom books up to Love and Romanpunk I bought, the rest were from the con bags that the husband and I got (minus Holly Black’s White Cat and another copy of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, which were passed on to someone awesome).  I already have copies of Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, Secret Ones and Power and Majesty, so if anyone wants them, leave me a comment and I’m happy to post them (though I do ask you to pay for postage).

The Child badge is Liam’s first con badge :D

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Apr. 23rd, 2011 08:58 pm
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I attended Swancon for the first time today.

Most of you who know me know that I battle with social anxiety.  Over time, it really has become a thing that controls a lot of my life – something that, at times, even I’m not aware of how much it’s controlling.

I could have easily come up with an excuse not to go today.  But hell, I’ve been saying for enough years that I want to go and then ducking out at the last minute with some stupid excuse.  And the program this year was perfect for me to attend for a day – two writing streams!

And so, the husband and I packed up the kidlet this morning and headed out.

First thing is that attending a con with an almost-17-month-old is hard.  The kidlet is at an age where he’s not really content to sit still and wants to be running everywhere and playing with everything.  And he doesn’t understand why everything he sees can’t be his to play with.  The husband did a valiant job of looking after him while I attempted some panels, and entertained him while I spent money on books in the dealer’s room.

At lunchtime, the husband took the kidlet home and I was free to attend panels and catch up properly with people.  I met so many awesome people!  Too many to name, and I’m going to leave anyone out if I try and list everyone.  But if anyone is reading this LJ-side and I met you, I very probably didn’t connect your LJ name with your real name.  So feel free to say hi again so I can connect the two :)

I managed to attend some awesome panels in the afternoon – on the business of writing, Kaaron Warren interviewing Ellen Datlow (both of whom I could listen to for hours) and the Voyager authors having a chat.

I wanted to stay badly, but had to leave to attend to a kidlet (who, thankfully, was a good boy and went down for his nap for Daddy with no fuss and slept for 2.5 hours!), plus I was seriously running out of spoons.

Next year (yes, there is going to be a next year!) we’re tentatively thinking of booking a hotel room for the full span of the con and attending everything.  Failing that, I’ll definitely be there for at least a day :)

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